Welcome to The Fieldhouse
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What do we do?
The Fieldhouse is Fitness and Sports Training Gym.  
All our sessions are original, dynamic workouts that challenge, change and help you reach your goals.  
Jump into a boot camp, strength session, boxing, metabolic or speed training.  
We make EVERY workout count!
Have fun, get fit and get started now.
Not motivated?
Jump in with the team and get pushed by your fellow team mates and your coach.  Team training yields better results than individual.  And with our specialised programs we target your level or strength, your biomechanics and support you achieving your goals.
Got an injury or niggle?
Our staff are well versed in clinical rehabilitation and functional training so there is no need to rest that niggling injury, don’t use it as an excuse to not lose that fat and not get fit NOW!  We can work around those niggle and remove the excuses that are your road blocks to your own individual success. 

Want to get FIT?
Everyone does!  We offer bootcamps, strength, boxing and metabolic conditioning sessions to kickstart your road to fitness.  Join the team or just come in and use our state of the art functional training gym as your own training play ground.
Sick of the Corporate Gym Nonsense?
The Fieldhouse is a warehouse style gym.  No nonsense workouts.  Tons of weight, kettlebells, sleds, ropes, sandbags and much much more.  Try something different.  
The only cardio machines that matter in our gym is YOU!!!
How will I know what to do?
How?  We will show you.  We love showing members what to do and answer questions whenever they are asked.  We want our members to get results but we also want them to take ownership for their fitness and learn along the way.  
Who can train?
Anyone can join in.  
From a young athlete learning movement patterns for strength to a fitness enthuasist working on your gym.  We thrive on teaching our members how to lift correctly to get you strong, healthy and make you a more functional human being.  
Life if always easier when you can move freely and without pain.  
We will make you FEEL and LOOK STRONG!
Do I have to sign a 18 month locked in contract?
No!  We run month to month contracts with no nonsense cancellation and small sign up fees.  

Here are some of our members...

Krystelle - Get Ready for Your Special Day

I achieved my goals focusing on looking my absolute best for my wedding in May.  I tightened up my waist, arms and legs, lost a little weight and it made me feel like the most beautiful bride in the world. The workouts were hard and sometimes I hated him but it was all worth it on the day when I stepped into the dress and it fit perfectly.
Strength and Fitness

Mark -  Transform

Thanks to the team of trainers, my strength and fitness have allowed me to do things that haven’t been able to do in years.  In total I have lost over 80kgs and last year I completed Bridge to Brisbane.  The Fieldhouse has allowed me to live an active life once again and I am excited about doing all the things that I thought were impossible before getting fit.

Now I'm fitter and healthier, LIFE is more meaningful and enjoyable!

The Fieldhouse has trained hundreds of Athletes for Speed, Agility and Strength.  With over 20 years’ experience in both the USA and Australia, we get results fast. 
Our Acceler8 programs will get you fast by enhancing your turnover and footwork.  We train in both linear (straight) and lateral (sideways) patterns to maximise the transition from speed in training to speed on the field. 
Our speed training is the most cutting edge sessions you will find anywhere in SE Queensland.  From posture assessment, mechanical corrections and foot placement, we address everything necessary to accelerate your speed.
Our agility program is similar in that we strongly focus on footwork, placement, body positioning and angular acceleration lateral.  Understanding all the movements are essential to dominating opponents with speed and agility.
Our strength programs focus on maximum strength development.  For beginning athletes movement patterns are enforced initially, then the weights are increased to achieve hypertrophy and strength development.  If you want to move right, you have to look right.  Training for sports specificity is our speciality at The Fieldhouse.
The combination of our speed, agility and strength programs is an unbeatable formula for success on the field

Come get the Competitive Edge Now

Tiafi Thurston - Brisbane Brigade LFL, Outback Australian Rep, Austin Acoustics LFL
With the training and second to none knowledge of Mark I was able to improve my game and confidence on and off the field. His comprehensive and sports specific training increased my agility, speed, power and strength noticeably throughout my off season and set me up for a great season of footy. While also working in the fitness industry for over 8+ years I have seen my fair share of personal trainers and sports and conditioning coaches and I would rate Mark as one of the best in the industry. If you want to get better and be better I would highly recommend training with this elite coach.
Athletic Performance

Jade - Strength Athlete, 160kg Bench and 175kg Squat
Mark and the team at Fieldhouse are superb!!!! The can cater to your specific needs as they proved with myself! I had hit the wall with my training but with mark he helped me push to some new personal best! Try them out they are great for lifting technique and sports related training as well! Improve your game outside of the norm with Fieldhouse you won’t regret it.
Mark Skelton – Owner/Operator of The Fieldhouse 
B.A. Exercise Science, Minor Coaching, CPT, CMT, NASM-CPT, Level 1 Coach, CF-L1

Mark Skelton has been the owner/operator of The Fieldhouse (fitness) for over two years and is an Exercise Physiologist, certified Personal Trainer (PT) and certified Massage Therapist (MT).
Growing up locally, Mark was always active from sun up to sun down and the passion he has for living an active lifestyle lead him to build a career in the fitness industry including, experience in professional coaching, rehabilitation and general fitness. For the past 18 years Mark has trained weight loss clients, youth team sports, trauma patients for rehabilitation and professional athletes and Olympic athletes. Due to his youthful sporting endeavours, Mark received numerous athletic scholarships to U.S Universities for athletics and gridiron and was a multiple time National Champion in sprints, record holder and team captain while studying at university.
Throughout all his years in fitness Mark has been exposed to excellence but also dysfunction and understands how the effects of misuse, disuse or an unfortunate accident can contribute to a lower quality of performance, whether in the gym or more importantly life. After suffering an injury which caused long term nerve problems, chronic pain and movement dysfunction for nine years, Mark was able to find relief through Neuromuscular Massage therapy, soft tissue treatment and scientific functional training. Mark attributes his speed, strength, power and health, which are the same as they were at 21, to the healing effects of movement.
Mark gains satisfaction from seeing his clients increase their strength and fitness levels as he knows their quality of life will improve simultaneously.